Glossary of KiddyGreat & app GAFE


The homepage where shows all upcoming events.



Choose to view events by date.



Search events.

Search & Save: Not only search events, but also save searching criteria for quick search in future.



Show events according to different manner as following:

Happenings: Shows all upcoming events in the order of date.

New: Show all upcoming events according to time they are posted.

Bookmarked User: Show all upcoming events posted by bookmarked users only.



The page shows all upcoming events that user will participate, which refer to events that user registered, bookmarked and organized.



Notices posted by organizers for of all user participating events.



Choose to view participating events by date.



Show participating events according to different category as following:

Registered: Shows all upcoming events which user signed up.

Bookmarked: Shows all upcoming events which user bookmarked.

Organized: Shows all upcoming events which user organized.



The page shows all upcoming events that user is organizing.



Add new event.



Choose to view organizing events by date.



Show organizing events according to different status as following:

Published: Shows all upcoming events which user posted online.

Saved: Shows all events which user created and saved but not posted online yet.

Canceled: Shows all events which user cancelled. These event can be posted online at anytime.


Event Listing

Organizer of the event.

Start time of event.

Suitable age range for event participants.

This is a recreational event.

This is an educational event.

This is a sport event.

This is an artistic event.

This is an indoor event.

This is an outdoor event.

This is a paid event. Participants need to pay to attend the event.

The event requires registration to participate.

This is an all-day event.

There is new notice from event organizer.

This is a group event. Group event is only viewable and open to group members. The group is created and managed by event organizer.


View Event


Notices of event posted by organizer.


Discussion board of event. Everyone can leave a message.


Bookmark this event. It will be shown in participating page, too.


Sign up for this event. If event organizer, it will show list of users who signed up for this event.


Edit Event

Duplicate event.

For repeated events and multiple time events, use this feature to easily create multiple identical events with different timing.


Edit event.


Cancel event. The event will be taken offline but not deleted. It will be shown in organizing page.